"HR? Pffft." Think Again.

The term, ‘human resources’, doesn’t jump out with the most excitement. Based on what you see in the movies [insert: Step Brothers, “human resources lady…”], when people think ‘HR’, they think, 'hire and fire.' Newsflash... if you think HR’s role is to just hire and fire, your business hasn't reached its full potential.

Gone are the days where HR was just the keeper of the employee file. The workplace has changed significantly over the past decade. People are your biggest asset, and they can make or break you. People also have a lot of options on where they’d like to hang their hat, so the ball is in the employer’s court to make themselves comfortable for an employee to pit in – not to mention the ever-changing legal environment to stay on top of.

So, what does HR do? In a nutshell, HR should act as a business partner; your “right-hand man”, so to speak. It has many functions, as seen below:

Each HR function impacts the next. And ultimately, it has everything to do with performance, motivation, productivity, and your bottom line.

No matter how small your company is, there is benefit to having a set of HR eyes review and guide you along the way. After all, there’s people and systems in place to handle the finances, there’s people and systems in place to handle the operations, but what about the people and systems to handle the PEOPLE?

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