One of the root causes of productivity loss is lack of training. All too often, companies do not have standardized training that all employees go through – so how can you expect everyone to be on the same page? Below is a variety of workshops for leaders and employees to help your business reach its full potential.

There are many more topics we offer that are not listed below. Let us know what your business is looking for and we can customize for you!

Note that your business may take advantage of the Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant, where, if eligible, up to 83% of the cost of the training will be reimbursed back to you.


HR 101

This workshop is geared towards business owners and those in a supervisory role. It provides a brief overview of what you need to know about the Saskatchewan Employment Act and its Regulations, the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code, as well as the common law regime. It also touches on each strategic function of HR and how it impacts a leader.

Understanding Personality


It all starts with self-awareness. Until you understand your own strengths and shortfalls, it is difficult to work effectively with other personalities. Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment tool, this workshop is bound to provide many "light bulb moments" where people will learn to appreciate and understand why people do the things they do. This workshop is a precursor to those below, as the MBTI tool will continue to be referenced.

Leadership Fundamentals

When people move into a leadership role, they are typically chosen because of their technical skills and not their leadership capabilities. Unfortunately, most new leaders are plunked into their new role with very little training or guidance – a huge cost to the bottom line. This workshop looks at each individual's leadership style and sets a framework for development on what it means to be a leader.


 an Effective Communicator

When asking about communication satisfaction within an organization, rarely is the answer positive. Communication is such a simple concept, yet it creates an array of issues. This workshop focuses on communication preferences and how to deal with each one, as well as communication best practices in order to eliminate organizational silos.

Handling Conflict

Conflict is inevitable, yet the issue is that we all interpret conflict differently. This workshop dives deeper into personality preferences and how individuals deal with conflict, which is key to understanding before conflict escalates and causes more problems. Additionally, it will provide a framework on how to go about dealing with difficult conversations.

Navigating Change

Change is one of those things that must happen in order for a business to remain competitive, but if everyone isn't on board, there is a lot of potential for lost opportunity. This workshop looks at why people may be averse to change, and based on personality preferences, what can be done to get everyone on board.

Instilling Accountability

Accountability and performance management go hand-in-hand. You can't have a proper performance management system without understanding the concept of accountability. This workshop looks at the fine line of how to go about holding people accountable by still maintaining a respectful working relationship.

Creating a Desired Organizational Culture

Culture within an organization is so intangible, yet clearly visible. Organizational culture is the result of HR systems, leadership, and business processes, where it can be at the forefront of success or seriously detrimental. This workshop identifies ways on how to control the culture within your organization and make it what you want.

Creating a Respectful Workplace

Respect is the foundation of a productive workforce, but respect is not automatic – it must be earned. This workshop looks at the business case for having a respectful workplace, and how each individual can earn the respect of their colleagues, leaders, and customers.

Developing a Continuous Improvement Mindset

For most organizations, the thought of continuous improvement is typically as far as it gets. It's easy to take for granted that everyone will just "know" how to make things as efficient and effective as possible. This workshop teaches the concepts and tools of continuous improvement in order to get everyone speaking the same language without the Japanese lingo that goes along with it.

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